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 Truck Driver (Loading Dock)    Item: MO28   $45.00

Truckdriver backing up his rig and smashing into a loading dock.

Our truckdriver is backing up his rig and "nudging" a loading dock in the process. Whether he's an over-the-roader or a city route driver, he gets all of the credit. You steer us in the right direction and we put a sign on the bumper "CAUTION…This rig operated by"...for his name. Then we put the trucking company name and colors on the front of the trailer. To top it off, we'll color the cab as you tell us what you need. To personalize the driver, we can add glasses and facial hair. He can also be bare-headed or wearing a ballcap or cowboy hat...you tell us and we'll do it.

Loading dock at truck terminal

A Great Gift For:
Truckdriver, TruckOwner/Operators, Trucking Company Owners

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