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 Teacher    Item: MO17   $45.00

Male teacher holding a school desk and bullwhip to bring order to his students.

This humorous cartoon shows a male teacher, bringing order to his classroom by holding a school desk in one hand and a bullwhip in the other. He's no lion tamer but probably feels like it at times. You give us the assignment and we'll do the homework. First of all, we add his name and the class he teaches on the signs by the doorway. We can also add a school name and colors to a pennant, if you wish. Then we'll do his hairstyle and hair color and even add eyeglasses and facial hair, if needed.To top it off, his clothing will be colored as you instruct us to do. This cartoon also works as a great gift for a school administrator (i.e., principal) with his name, title and school name on the wall signs. Female teachers can be found in the Working Women catagory on this website.

School classroom

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Male Teachers, Principals, School Administrators, College Professors

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